Corporate Profile

In August 28, 1997, Mr. Chun-Keung Chan started Grace Vineyard with the help of Bordeaux oenologist Denis Boubals and French partner Sylvain Janvier. Mr. Chan has in mind of a serene garden – Yi Yuan, the Chinese name of the winery. He hopes the vineyard and its wines remind as his own garden, a place to enjoy great wine with good company.
Grace Vineyard is located in Taigu County, 40 km south of the provincial capital Tai Yuan of Shanxi province. The continental climate on the Loess Plateau: distinctive seasons, dry sandy loam soil, few rainfall, abundant sunshine and wide diurnal temperature variation offers a perfect setting for producing premium quality wines.

The Chan’s Family believes “only the clan can make fine wine generation by generation in long-run”. In 2002, Judy Chan took over Grace Vineyard and helmed with vitality and vivid visions. In pursuit of quality and persistence, Grace Vineyard finally being recognized. In 2008, world renowned wine producer Bodega Torres and Grace Vineyard joined force to make a white wine “Symphony”. In 2009, “Deep Blue” was the first ever Chinese wine being served in the first and business class of Cathay Pacific Airways.